On the subject of buttons...

Frankly Fabulous Posted on 18 Oct 16:42 , 0 comments

Buttons buttons chosen with care, frankly fabulous on whatever you wear.

Ah, those buttons: They turn everything you wear into a runway show. You have such effortless style, and it all radiates from the buttons you have chosen to glam your wardrobe. Who but you would have realized the possibilities in your grandma's button box? Buttons are, frankly, just fabulous (like you!).

Forget Me Not Posted on 13 May 23:17 , 2 comments

Gorgeous buttons for all to see, how will anyone forget about me?

Buttons elevate your game. Whether they are on your stunning hat, your fashion forward shoulder shawl, or your to-die-for lace collar, you are making your mark. You are a fashion force to be reckoned with and a vision to be remembered. Hold that thought while you strut your stuff. And complement those head-turning buttons with your best secret smile...forget me not (inaudible whisper).

Fasteners Posted on 1 Mar 18:41 , 0 comments

Button button simple tool: simply perfect, perfectly cool

 Buttons join things together. Which button does that task defines the look and feel of a garment. The color, the shape, the placement of buttons make all the difference. Choose your  buttons with care; they can turn your wardrobe into an ongoing trunk show. You don't need new things; you need new buttons. Take every opportunity to up your game with your brilliant choice of buttons. You are a star:  you just didn't know it. Now you do. So let this fastening function become one of self-expression. There is no such thing as a plain white button or a simple fastening job. Create and recreate your closet. Make your choices, show them what you've got!


Fascinators Posted on 27 Feb 15:01 , 0 comments

Button button you make it all happen. From a simple frock to the height of high fashion.

Buttons are objects of fascination. They imprint personality on whatever they decorate from hats to frocks to coats and everything in between. They can create drama or whimsey; they can bring sophistication and elegance or a trendy touch and a casual air. Buttons are a perfect showcase for your many faceted personality. You can swagger down your own catwalk flashing your incredible buttons on your best dress. You can prance through town showing everyone your fun buttons on your oversized shirt. Who's that girl? What style...fascinating.

Fashioners Posted on 23 Feb 15:39 , 0 comments

Button button uniquely mine, use your beauty to make me shine

There is nothing so consistently embedded in fashion as the buttons that adorn garments. The ordinary becomes the extraordinary when graced with the perfect buttons. Buttons can truly "fashion" garments. My antique buttons were often the jewels that determined the look of a dress or coat. Your closet is full of garments ready to be fashioned with a change of buttons. You really are the best designer of your own look. Do you have your grandmother's button box? If you do, break it out and get to work. If you don't, find a good button store and get moving. Fashion your look, have fun, give everyone an eyeful. You are a fashionista! And by the way, you are way ahead of the pack...